Bravia Controller

Sony Bravia Remote Controller App

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Like Original

basic keys of original remote controller are defined

Easy to use

no need to aim to the TV

Siri Supported

「Hey,Siri,turn on tv」

# Bravia Controller for Sony BRAVIA TV

Bravia Controller is an app that allows you to control your Sony BRAVIA TV via a local Wi-Fi network.

Its main features include:

  1. Normal function keys The app provides various controls for your BRAVIA TV, just like a remote control.


  • Power ON/OFF
  • Volume Change
  • Channel Turn
  • Arrow Key Pannel
  • Home Key
  • Return Key
  • Mute Key
  • Option Key and more.
  1. Keyboard Bravia Controller makes typing on your TV easier with a built-in keyboard that lets you easily sync your words to the TV It also includes a 10-key numeric keyboard for convenient channel switching.
  • Keyboard
  • 10 Keys Numberic Keyboard
  1. Launch TV apps The app provides shortcut buttons to quickly launch TV apps.
  • Shortcut Keys
  1. Auto scan local network Bravia Controller can automatically scan your local network to detect your BRAVIA TV and provide a simple way to connect. You can also manually input your BRAVIA TV's IP address.
  • Automatically Scan
  • Quickly Connect
  1. Notice Bravia Controller is not made or supported by SONY. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us via email at dev.nwr.studio@gmail.com. For more information about pricing and keys, please visit https://nwr-studio.com/bravia-controller/price.html.