# Bravia Controller

# Price

All of the plans are one-time purchase for life-time use.

# Remove Ads

Price Detail
$3.99 Remove all ads
# ads: ads bar(home screen) and full screen ads(settings screen)

# Pro Functions

price detail
$2.99 unlock the pro functions
# Pro Function: settings items with yellow crown mark

# Pro Function List

Pro Function Detail
Shortcuts Remote launch the app install in TV
Keys These keys can be set:
Siri Control TV by Siri
(Turn on/off TV,Turn up/down volume,Open HMDI,etc)
TV System Infomations The Infomations fetch from TV
(Power State,Reboot TV,etc)
Colorful Theme Change the color of main screen

# Life-Time Plan

price detail
$4.99 Remove all ads,active all pro function
Last Updated: 3/22/2024, 2:08:33 AM